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Laboratory analysis conducted by the Center for Preventive Doping Research (CePreDo) at the German Sport University Cologne

Batch-Number Best before date Analysis date
Laboratory analysis
023472310_01 2024-11-30 2024-01-31 without objection
SB23001_01 2024-01-31 2023-02-21 without objection
SB22001_01 2023-04-30 2022-05-13 without objection
SB21010_01 2022-10-31 2021-11-17 without objection
SB21009_01 2022-09-30 2021-09-30 without objection
SB21008_01 2022-08-31 2021-09-10 without objection
SB21006_01 2022-06-30 2021-07-14 without objection
SB21005_01 2022-05-31 2021-06-14 without objection
SB21004_01 2022-04-30 2021-05-10 without objection
SB21003_01 2022-03-31 2021-04-19 without objection
SB21002_01 2022-02-28 2021-03-19 without objection
SB21001_01 2022-01-31 2021-02-11 without objection
SB20004_01 2021-10-31 2020-11-13 without objection
SB20003_01 2021-09-30 2020-10-13 without objection
SB20002_01 2021-06-30 2020-07-29 without objection
SB20001_02 2021-04-30 2020-05-20 without objection
SB19004_01 2020-10-31 2019-11-19 without objection
SB19002_03 2020-06-30 2019-06-26 without objection
SB19001_01 2020-02-28 2019-04-02 without objection
SB 18004_01 2019-12-31 2019-01-23 without objection
SB18003 2019-07-31 2018-10-05 without objection
SB18001 2019-02-28 2018-03-09 without objection
SB17004_01 2018-11-30 2017-12-20 without objection
SB17003 2018-09-30 2017-10-06 without objection
SB17002 2018-07-31 2017-07-31 without objection
SB17001 2018-03-31 2017-04-26 without objection
SB17001 2018-03-31 2017-04-26 without objection
SB16004 2017-11-30 2017-01-11 without objection
SB16003 2017-08-31 2016-09-29 without objection
SB16002 2017-05-31 2016-06-22 without objection
L16001 2017-03-31 2016-04-21 without objection
L3245A 05 2017-11-30 2016-02-02 without objection

Self-disclosure of the company

Those companies that are involved in the process of production do not produce anabolic androgenic steroids or prohormones!

During the process of production, processing and distribution a contact with anabolic androgenic steroids (prohormones) can be eliminated!

High Endurance

The right nutrient supply is essential for maximum athletic endurance. Our fresh and fruity SPORT boost helps to keep you performing at your best for longer. It provides an optimal supply of fluid and lastingly replenishes  glycogen stores with carbohydrates of different chain lengths. Whether you take it before, during or after sport, this isotonic solution gives your body what it needs for peak performance.


Natural Talents

· This clever carbohydrate-electrolyte solution from special wax corn starch with highly-branched maltodextrin and dextrose helps maintain endurance for extended training periods and improves water absorption while you are physically active.

· Vitamin C from acerola fruit powder and iron from the fungus Aspergillus oryzae reduces tiredness and fatigue. It also improves the absorption of iron which is required to transport oxygen.

· Potassium from coconut water powder plays an important role in the body with regard to muscle function.

· Magnesium helps to keep electrolytes in balance and boosts the metabolism.


Other selected active ingredients: polyphenols from sour cherry extract, lemon verbena extract, extracts of apple peel and grape, BCAA, L-carnitine, lemon juice powder, passion fruit juice powder


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e-Mail: office@ringana.com
Website: www.ringana.com

Cologne List® supports the assessment of a certain nutritional supplement by athletes, coaches and sport medicine specialists. Cologne List® does not take on any responsibility using a product published on the Cologne List®. The ultimate responsibility remains with each athlete.

Please note:
Neither the fact that a product is published on the Cologne List® nor a negative laboratory analysis is a warranty that the product does not contain any prohormones, anabolic substances, or stimulants. The Cologne List® only ascertains that listed products are associated with a minimized risk of doping.