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Tahitian Noni Beverage Original

Laboratory analysis conducted by the Center for Preventive Doping Research (CePreDo) at the German Sport University Cologne

Batch-Number Best before date Analysis date
Laboratory analysis
06 12 2021 D01 2021-12-06 2020-01-29 without objection
22042018D01 2018-04-22 2016-12-23 without objection
O-10182 2012-07-01 2010-10-06 without objection

Self-disclosure of the company

Those companies that are involved in the process of production do not produce anabolic androgenic steroids or prohormones!

During the process of production, processing and distribution a contact with anabolic androgenic steroids (prohormones) can be eliminated!

Tahitian Noni Original is the one and only original noni beverage in Europe. It contains naturally occurring manganese which helps protect cells from oxidative damage, contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism. Contains no added sugars or sweeteners Tahitian Noni Original provides 30mg of iridoids per 60ml.

Morinda Beverages: Morinda (formerly Tahitian Noni International) is the producer and distributor of noni-based beverages – among other products – and has become the market segment leader. In the USA, noni juice has been in circulation on the market since 1996 and has also been distributed within the European Union based on its approval as a novel food ingredient (Novel Food Approval) applied for by the company and confirmed by the Commission of the European Communities on 5th June 2003.

All steps required for the production of the Morinda Beverages are initiated by Morinda and are subjected to strict quality control. During the production of the noni purée, members of Morinda‘s quality assurance staff extract a mixed sample from each container. These mixed samples are tested for their pH and Brix values. Furthermore, the samples are also tested by an independent microbiological laboratory.

Morinda Deutschland GmbH
Telephone: +49 (0) 89 255519 753
e-Mail: service@de.morinda.com
Website: www.morinda.eu.com

The company has not submitted any valid certifications for food safety management systems and production standards.

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Neither the fact that a product is published on the Cologne List® nor a negative laboratory analysis is a warranty that the product does not contain any prohormones, anabolic substances, or stimulants. The Cologne List® only ascertains that listed products are associated with a minimized risk of doping.