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Essential Amino Acids Fruit Punch

Laboratory analysis conducted by the Center for Preventive Doping Research (CePreDo) at the German Sport University Cologne

Batch-Number Best before date Analysis date
Laboratory analysis
1253.19 2021-07-31 2019-08-08 without objection
1534.18 2020-07-31 2018-08-30 without objection
3034.17 2019-11-30 2017-12-04 without objection
0837.16 2018-03-31 2016-12-19 without objection

Self-disclosure of the company

Those companies that are involved in the process of production do not produce anabolic androgenic steroids or prohormones!

During the process of production, processing and distribution a contact with anabolic androgenic steroids (prohormones) can be eliminated!

The information provided also applies to all other flavours of Essential

Amino Acids which have not been subjected to laboratory tests.

Power Supplements BV
Telephone: +31 (0)481-707138
e-Mail: info@powersupplements.nl
Website: www.powersupplements.nl

The company has not submitted any valid certifications for food safety management systems and production standards.

Cologne List® supports the assessment of a certain nutritional supplement by athletes, coaches and sport medicine specialists. Cologne List® and respectively the Olympic Centre Rhineland do not take on any responsibility using a product published on the Cologne List®. The ultimate responsibility remains with each athlete.

Please note:
Neither the fact that a product is published on the Cologne List® nor a negative laboratory analysis is a warranty that the product does not contain any prohormones, anabolic substances, or stimulants. The Cologne List® only ascertains that listed products are associated with a minimized risk of doping.