New Partner: Götterspeise UG

Götterspeise UG based in Warstein (Germany) supports the initiative of doping-prevention and publishes from today the following products on Cologne List®:

> Audhumbla DAS 4K Protein Bananen-Milch
> Bifröst DAS Multimineral
> Bifröst DAS Multivitamin
> Herkules DER Hardgainer Roher Kuchenteig, Vanille
> Milo DIE EAA´s Plus Himbeere
> Petrus Elektrolyte Plus
> Tanngrisnir DAS Kreatin
> Yggdrasil DER Premium Kollagen Komplex Himbeere
> Yggdrasil DER vegane "Kollagen" Komplex

The necessary laboratory analysis for anabolic steroids and stimulants were provided without objection on 21st March 2024.