The product availability service of batch-tested products is a voluntary option that Cologne List® offers to nutritional supplement companies.

Cologne List® is an anti-doping initiative, primarily designed to prevent doping in top-level sport by offering elite athletes, who are subject to the anti-doping control system and its rules (testing pool athletes), help in minimizing the risk of committing an anti-doping rule violation when using nutritional supplements.

Up to now, Cologne List® has offered elite athletes information on which specific batches of a product have been tested for prohibited substances. However, it is not easy to find these batches in stores, pharmacies or on the internet. Growing numbers of athletes and their staff have recently voiced a demand for the availability of batch-tested products.

The concept of a product availability platform was developed in cooperation with the prevention department of the National Anti-Doping Agency Germany (NADA). It provides manufacturers with an attractive and central communication platform on which to offer tested products. With this approach, we have consciously decided against the constraint of having each and every batch tested in order to better respond to the athletes' needs and cover the market to the broadest extent possible. However, if a company does have all its product batches tested, it has the possibility of highlighting this on Cologne List®.

Requirements for a product’s inclusion in the Cologne List® availability service:

  1. Your company has a valid product listing agreement for the publication of the product on Cologne List® and the product is published on Cologne List®.  
  2. Creation and setup of a URL that either links to a site or a form via which exclusively tested products can be ordered. 
  3. Guarantee of continuous availability of tested products.
  4. Addition of the Cologne List®product availability service to the current product listing agreement.


There are no extra charges.

Should you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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