Doping prevention in sports

Cologne List® is an initiative from the sports sector and lists dietary supplements (DS) and sports nutrition with minimized doping risk. It offers athletes protection and orientation in a non-transparent market with thousands of non-controlled products.

Every year in Germany alone, around 10.000 new DS are registered with the responsible Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) - in addition to existing products. They do not have to undergo a notification procedure and certainly not an approval procedure (in contrast to pharmaceuticals). This means that a large number of non-controlled products are available on the market. Consumer advice centers regularly issue warnings about DS (e.g. www.klartext-nahrungsergä The situation in other countries is comparable.

Especially in sports DSs and sports nutrition are widely used. The problem for athletes is that the products may contain doping substances. Cologne List® attempts to provide orientation here and segments the market into the following manufacturers: 

a) "criminal manufacturers" who deliberately add doping substances,

b) "risky manufacturers" who unknowingly add doping substances because, for example, they are not aware of the WADA prohibition and monitoring list,

c) "regular manufacturers" who are careful in their production, but where doping contamination can still occur due to unclean raw materials or in the manufacturing process.

Cologne List® only lists products from "regular" manufacturers who have voluntarily passed the Cologne List® quality management. These manufacturers contribute to a higher transparency in the market and give athletes a higher security.

Nevertheless, from a procedural point of view, a 100% safety of food supplements cannot be guaranteed, but only a minimization of the doping risk. If you want to be on the safe side, you should refrain from using DS and sports nutrition. For all others, the following applies: If you use DS, then use Cologne List®.

Cologne List® is an integral part of GEMEINSAM GEGEN DOPING. The national doping prevention network, initiated by the Prevention Department of the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA), includes all top Olympic associations, all state sports federations and associations, as well as professional associations and clubs.

Cologne List® is available on mobile devices via the NADA APP (NADA APP IOS / NADA APP Android).

The DS Check seal of NADA Austria is also making use of Cologne List®.

Due to the high demand beyond the DACH region, Cologne List® is also available in English. Cologne List® is registered as a trademark in more than 30 countries worldwide.