Cologne List

  • Nutritional supplements and products can contain banned substances.
  • Cologne List® is a list of nutritional supplements which have been tested for such substances.
  • By only using products which are on Cologne List® athletes reduce the risk of unintentionally becoming the victims of doping.
  • Cologne List® is not a recommendation to athletes that they should use a nutritional supplement. Our goal is solely
    to provide better information and to improve transparency!

  • IOC-Study

    Results of an International IOC-Study

    about nutritional supplements

    containing doping-substances

  • Product-Database

    Here you will find the

    product-database of tested

    nutritional supplements

  • Initiator

    Cologne List® is a

    servicing of

    Olympic Centre Rhineland

  • Statements

    Current and former Top-Athletes,

    Coaches and Medical Workers state

    its opinion on Cologne List®